We offer our clients peace of mind and a new experience in managing their assets


We act as your independent asset manager. We co-operate with reputable custodian banks to ensure you get the best possible deal in terms of service, deal execution and fees charged. Furthermore, we work for – and are solely compensated by – you; yours are the only interests we serve. Our only fee is the one agreed with you from the beginning, with zero additional retrocessions or “hidden” fees. In this way, we work directly with you on a conflict-free basis and our interests are fully aligned with yours.

Through our “Open Architecture” platform, we offer access to all major international markets. Starting with a wide range of investments products, we filter them down to select those best suited to your investment profile. Moreover, we have developed the technology to enable us to perform holistic analysis on your consolidated portfolio comprising of your positions across all Custodians, and to calculate market risks and volatility, as well as to conduct portfolio stress-testing under various scenaria.

Hellenic Asset Management is authorized within the framework established by L.4209/2013 to act as Investment Manager of Alternative Investment Funds (AIFs). In this capacity, it has founded the Ivy family of Alternative Funds in Cyprus and acts as its sole Investment Manager. The Ivy family consists of Alternative Sub-Funds with varying investment strategies.

The first Fund will invest in the Greek capital markets, with full flexibility and without investment restrictions. Being fully aligned with our investors, our objective is not to outperform a specific benchmark, but rather to deliver absolute returns in all market conditions.

Understanding the challenges of international capital markets and the complex needs of a modern Family, we have developed the unique Hellenic FOS® service, providing discreet and confidential personalized services of high added value.

Our aim is to substantially contribute to the efficiency of the Client’s wealth planning. In this way, we help the Client to optimize the expenses and fees charged by Banks and obtain a consolidated view of their assets.

We also provide specific strategic services and solutions for asset management and can effectively coordinate any external consultants or advisors.